About Us

United Capital Company, a Kuwaiti company specializing in the field of general contracting for buildings and constructions, the company has high competencies and experiences that lie in its founding cadres, who have real scientific and practical experience extending for more than 18 years in providing all general contracting services and everything related to buildings and constructions. United Capital in the year 2020 AD, to begin from the moment of its establishment a road full of real successes stemming from actual experiences on the ground, so that the company can meet the needs of all customers and achieve their aspirations and even exceed all their expectations in order to obtain their complete satisfaction with our high-quality services and great professionalism in everything related to the field of contracting the public.


We look forward to becoming a primary choice and an ideal solution for all clients in order to provide high-level building contracting services with international standards, and to provide a professional model in everything related to civil and construction projects of critical importance.


We always strive to apply the latest international quality standards in all our services, and to create new solutions that ensure their effectiveness for all of our customers, and to make sure that they keep pace with the latest global developments, in order to enhance our customers' confidence and chart a path of real success with steady steps.


We have an ambitious goal of continuously developing the competencies of our team and forming continuous partnerships, in order to ensure a periodic improvement of the company's performance and raise the level of quality and professionalism of the services it provides, with the aim of strengthening the company's position locally.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are always keen on the health and safety of all workers and employees in United Capital Company and to ensure that they do not suffer from any work injuries, so we are working to spread preventive awareness to all employees of the company from workers, technicians, engineers and others, and we also take a set of proactive steps that revolve around the existence of safety and health arrangements Professionalism and all security and safety measures.